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images/Nous/GalerieS.jpg   2022 La Flotte en Ré


2021 -  Espace CARNOT Galery

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Beautiful exhibition of the Artist painter XJF, oil paintings, engravings on polychrome copper, on the theme of the voyages... of Asia in Japan and in the USA, a moment of dreams in this difficult year of confinement... The Mayor of Chatelaillon Plage Stéphane VILAIN honored us with his presence, accompanied by the President of the France Etats Unis Association of Charente Maritime, Mrs. Marie Christine BASTIN LERAY.

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Sud Ouest



July 2019 Sud Ouest

Xavier STERKE, art in all things...

Xavier Sterke settled down in Chatelaillon beach, this painter is originally from the Paris. His father worked in a flour mill, his mother, a florist, started designing bouquets inspired by the ikebana. It was already a question in his life of art and aesthetic composition. At the age of 10, he already loved Picasso and Dali and took courses in ceramic drawing. He will take courses at the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Blois. Later on, he will start creating canvases with original formats. He navigates between abstraction and hidden figuration with a palette where ochres, greens and blues predominate.
The artist has won numerous prizes in Paris and abroad, and continues his career with major exhibitions.


Ouest Sud Newspaper

Walking on the sand... Chatelaillon Plage

Alexandre Poussin - Céline Josset - Alain Coudert - Antonio Malmo

Xavier Sterke reconciles me with cubism because he feminizes it, in roundness, in finesse, in flexibility. With him it becomes a game of light, a chromatic variation, a trap bordering on trompe l'oeil. His cubism is a grid of reading of the living, as if he walked his glance on the world with exponentials and hyperboles, fractals and protractors of angles to pierce the architectural secrets of it. With Xavier Sterke, cubism becomes organic. Because it does not violate the living, because it makes it dance.
His reconstruction animates, his natures are not dead, and this is what makes me love him. His partitioning decompartmentalizes as the stained glass windows of the cathedral of Chartres liberate the light, his cubism wants to be more kaleidoscopic than atomic, his reconstruction of reality is more in mosaic than in analysis. Nothing twisted in him. Even if there are only curves. What could be more dull and sad than a heap of brown violin decomposed on grey newspapers and broken dishes. None of that at Sterke's.

Braque and Picasso may have been influenced by Africa, but they only remembered frozen, hieratic and mortuary masks, whereas African masks were made to dance, to pray, to vibrate. From Africa, Sterke brings back the light. A warm light, full of flaming dust, ochres and orange butters. The warmth of ripe fruit gorged with sunlight. And this is one of the virtues of his paintings.
On a white wall, in the cold winter twilight, they pour out quantities of calories, dance on the walls, bring this energy and this joy so proper to this continent. There are harlequins and pastry cooks in this man: sugar, almonds and carnival, women, fruits and festivities, no cemeteries, no Guernica.
Ah, his felucca jibs on a background of granite blocks from Aswan! Valery's doves can fly away...

With Sonia and Alexandre POUSSIN -




Great success at the adventure film festival of La Rochelle in this November 2019...



"Art au Quotidien" Exhibition...

15 years after its creation, L'Art au Quotidien has positioned itself as a major event of the craft industry in France, thanks to the loyalty of the public and the support of its partners.
More than a showcase for arts and crafts and creation, L'Art au Quotidien is an alchemy of conviviality, creative beauty, encounters, exchanges... Privileged moments at the end of which the visitors fill up with new ideas.
During 4 days, more than 200 artists and craftsmen from all over France present their creations. Some of them work on the spot and make discover the beauty of the gesture which guides their hands, shapes the objects and gives nobility to the everyday life. This event also acts as a revelator of talents, a formidable foot in the saddle for young craftsmen who confront their creations to the public eye.

The painter with his clients, with Pierre Blanchard painter in a tribute to Barbara and, Alain Cantarel sculptor.
If his first exhibition dates back to 2002 in Vineuil, he has made many others since then: Arches gallery in Paris Marais, then Rome, Barcelona, Florence, New York, with many awards.
"The vignettes of all the countries of my grandfather philatelist gave me the desire to travel the world.
In his paintings, there is always something else to see behind the surface. In Venice, colors that are not those of Italy. Towards Aswan, a veiled apparition of Akhenaton!

    Alain Vildart

la Nouvelle République.


A Recomposed Figuration.

The colorful figurative geometry expressed in Xavier Sterke's paintings unfolds invisible lines of force that shape an emotional architecture.
The intertwining of forms, far from creating a state of confusion, generates a stimulating harmony. It is with undisguised pleasure that the artist dilates the volumes, distorts the perspectives from their usual functions, and diverts the figurative elements to the advantage of his very personal vision of reality. He thus establishes an introspection of his subjects, seeking to penetrate the revelations both graphic and sensitive that they conceal.

The in-depth research of the relationship between colors intensifies this investigation by bringing him the strength of their emotional potential. His affections for oriental art nourish the richness of his qualities as an informed colorist, without influencing his initial approach. Xavier Sterke directs his creative will towards an atypical poetic aesthetic by managing to dive into the heart of the essence of things.

He undulates, curves, underlines, illuminates, softens flat tints and lights as he pleases, without however destructuring the coherence of his subjects. His writing invents a readable and understandable abstraction that touches our senses and our soul at the same time. Xavier Sterke's works have a fullness and an evocative force that brings together our sometimes scattered feelings, creating a climate of complicity between him and us through the truth of his artistic approach.
The prize "Univers des Arts", which was awarded to him during the Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux Arts at the Carrousel du Louvre in 2005, underlines a confirmed talent.

         By Céline Josset

  Art Magazine «Univers des Arts» May

Antonio MALMO.

International art critic. Expert en Art Contemporain. Correspondant de Il Pungolo».

Académie de Firenze. Corrispondente Nationale dell’Assaciazione Storica .

To deepen his painting can mean a mysterious and fascinating journey in the meanders of his sensibility, of his search of new expressive models, of new and varied outlets to better express his ideas, his interesting proposals.

It is like an invitation, his, to go beyond the proposed image, immediate, as if to say with tranquility and calm, we can deepen his message, his capacity to imagine, to dream, to go beyond the limits, the concrete borders of the surrounding reality.
All this shines through, shines, shines even in his delicate "still lifes" or "silent natures" as the Master George De CHIRICO preferred to call them.
His painting, as we can admire it, is punctuated by fantastic scansions of signs and chromatic pieces, skilfully composed on the canvas and for all that the visual sense is balanced. The different facets of his paintings are marked and characterized by an admirable creative and expressive power and by a remarkable capacity and mastery of composition.

I will certainly not be denied when I affirm that our artist expresses himself with originality and freshness of images and that he deserves the widest consents on the part of the public and the critic, at international level.
AD MELIORA!!! With esteem. Antonio Malmo. Caivano

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