It was in the Seventies that he discovered the floral art 

                                                  thanks to his  florist mother and Ikebana.(Japanese floral art).

                                                                              Ten years later, he worked the technic of puffed up glass 

                                                                                                     and the photograph.  He entered to Beautiful Arts of Blois. 

                                                                                                                          At the same time he took part in exhibitions

                                                                                                                                               of visual arts in Paris.

                                                                                                                                                                      - 1996:   He entered in a group of research 

where he studied  drawing, the Indian ink…

- 2000  Was to be the year of a turn with the creation of his own 

workshop and the search of graphics and a personal style.

- 2002:   First personal exhibition on the topic of  travels..  

A little of my artist 's life                                                                                   A little of my artist's life 

- 2003:   He launched out in the creation of canvas on chassis to the original formats and worked the concept of destructuration of the framework and on the polyptiques ones. Carried by the enthusiasm of criticisms of art and the increasing interest of the public he took part in various shows in Paris and abroad (Rome, Barcelona, Florence…), gained many awards and distinctions and entered in quotation at Drouot.


- 2005:  The exhibitions got connected and his career  took-off. He finished the year with a participation in the prestigious  Show of the National Federation of Beautiful Arts to the Carrousel of the Louvre in Paris where he received the award “Universe of Arts”.

- 2006:  He entered as a member of the National  Federation of Beautiful Arts and continued  his course with great exhibitions in France and across the borders (New York, Montreal, Cairo).  

                                                        Today, .



Previous exhibitions .



   Grand Marché.Art.Contemporain. Paris Bastille.

 Town hall of Blois

            Exhibition to the General of Dormouse and Expensive Council. -Blois


              Exhibition to the vault St Jacques in Vendôme.

              Exhibition  gallery des Arches à Paris (Marais)

Exhibition  in Blois (festival 3d) for peace in the world.

 Exhibition to  Rome   " Art Gallery " of the AIAM.   

 Gallery CONCEPT   Blois.

   Gallery "Salle des Arts" Nantes

   Saint Laurent du Var  Hommage à De STAEL.

      Gallery "SALA BARNA"  à  Barcelone 


 Show of the Independent Artists - Paris

Paris artists circle. Versailles exhibition.

Gallery " Château d'eau - Château d'Art "Bourges

Biennial International of the Contemporary art - Florence

Show of the National Federation of Beautiful Arts to the Carrousel of Louvre-Paris


New York (Chelsea) with AGORA Gallery 

"Ikebana and  Geishas" Gallery CHRISTIAN SIRET   Paris

Gallery GAM'ART  Fréjus European art group

Aix en Provence- Exhibition  with the year of Cézanne

GORA Gallery Montréal

Armonti Gallery Paris


    Galerie Armonti, Paris

Centre culturel Syrien  Paris

Expo Jazz Cinéaqua Trocadéro

2010  Galerie Vinci Tours



Award "Golden Athena"   Academy of Contemporary art of Rome.

International award of Contemporary art 2004' 

Academy of Contemporary art of Rome.

Trophy Medusa Aurea

Award of the town  St. Laurent du Var 2004   "Aigle de Nice"

French Sélection 

Biennial International of Contemporary art 2005 of Florence



International Accadémia "GRECI MARINO" Accadémia del Verbano Di lettere, Arti, Scienze. 

April 2005  Xavier Sterke named Academician section Art under the aegis of President Cesare Greci ((Vinzaglio, Italy)

Gold Canvas 2005

By the National Federation of the French Culture European Art Group.

Award of the "Univers of Arts"

Show of the National Society  of Beautiful Arts  

  the Carrousel of the Louvre * December 2005- Paris

National Society  of Beautiful Arts

February 2006 Xavier Sterke named "Member "under the aegis of President  .François BELLEC((Paris)




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