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Gluten free lifestyle .France

Scientific informations 2017 in collaboration with some celiac specialist Doctors in Paris, allergic with gluten , lactose, and big Chefs in french gastrnomy.

American images/dessert-w/ocoaW.jpg  pastry courses!

My work and research have been encouraged  and support by Madame Marisol TOURAINE, French Health Minister.

Gluten free Breads, scones, Cakes, Cookies,

Gluten free Sourdough bread,

Brioches, Muffins...Pizzas...Wraps,

 starters... Pan cakes...Pies... Choux...

But especially, I write to convey to those who suffer from gluten intolerance that live like others can be, by changing a few habits and a few way of seeing things, it’s possible!

30 years of research ...  




«What happiness for those who will find this book, I congratulate you for this wonderful work Xavier.

Three words come to my mind, Rigorous, passionate and Inventive!!!»

Serge GRANGER Best Chocolate Worker in France  Member of "l’Académie Française du Chocolat"

President of  Pastry Masters of France "Tradition Gourmandes"




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A French Chef 's Travel

 with Sugar free for Diabatics

 gluten free,  lactose free

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