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USA, Canada, England ...

My desire to discover other cultures took me to these English-speaking countries where I could discover and appreciate artists like Turner, Koons, Kooning ... and music related to these countries, including Jazz.

East Asia ... Japan ...
My grandfather was passionate about the colonies and as a child I traveled in his stamp collections. Later, my encounter with the world of Asia through martial arts, introduced me to Japanese culture.

Middle East ... Egypt
Several stays and this desire that pushes me to go further .... Egypt had held me by the heart for a long time already, but I had to lift the veil on a city which fascinated me by remaining mysterious: Cairo, this "Victorious" that does not leave anyone indifferent she would open my doors and give me some of its secrets?
It was in the 70's that I discovered floral art thanks to my mother florist and Ikebana (Japanese floral art).

Ten years later, I work on the technique of blown glass and photography. I enter the Fine Arts of Blois.
At the same time I participate in art exhibitions in Paris where I am awarded.
- 1996: Mark my entry into a research group 'The GRIFE' where I study drawing, Indian ink ....

- 2000: Will be the year of a turn with the creation of my workshop, my studio...
and looking for a graphic and a personal style.
- 2002: First solo exhibition on travel.

2003: I embarked on the creation of paintings on frames in original formats and works on the notion of destructuring of the frame and polyptyles. Driven by the enthusiasm of art critics and the growing interest of the public I participate in various exhibitions in Paris and abroad (Rome, Barcelona, ​​Florence ...), wins many awards and distinctions and starts trading at Drouot .
2005: The exhibitions are linked and my career takes off.
I end the year with a participation in the prestigious show of the National Society of Fine Arts at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris where I receive the prize "Universe of Arts".

I started as a member of the National Society of Fine Arts in 2006
and continue my career with major exhibitions (New York, Montreal)
Today, I begin another journey as a traveling painter, in the tradition of orientalist painters.


Group Art Exhibitions


        2001 Conseil général, Loir et Cher

        Maison du Loir et Cher, Blois 

              2003 Beaumont la Ronce, Loir et Cher

  Salon de Printemps, Vendôme

   Grand marché d’art contemporain, Paris 

  Hôtel de ville, Blois

        2004 Maison du Loir et Cher, Blois

La chapelle St Jacques, Vendôme

Grandes Halles, Mer Loir et Cher

Académie d’art contemporain, Rome

Château de Chambord, Loir et Cher

Salon des arts plastiques, Paris

Grand prix international d’arts plast, Nice

Rencontres d’arts contemporains, Nantes 

               2005 Salons des artistes indépendants, Pari

Cercles des artistes de Paris, Paris.



2005 Maison du Loir et Cher, Blois

Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

2006  Concours international d’art, New York

Cercles des artistes de Paris, Paris

Gam’art international gallery, Fréjus

Galerie Artmonti, Paris Ile St Louis

        2007Galerie Armonti, Paris 

        Centre culturel Syrien  Paris

        Expo Jazz Cinéaqua Trocadéro

        2009 Exposition au Caire Zamalek

        2010  Salon d'art du Vinci à Tours

        " L'Art au quotidien "

        Et Au St. Germain Tours

        2015 à 2016 

       "Le temps Art et Thé" à Tours

       2017 Exposition personnelle La Rochelle


2002 Mairie de Vineuil, Blois

2004 Galerie des Arches, Paris Marais

Galerie Concept, Blois

Galerie Aiam, Rome

2005 Galerie Sala Barna, Barcelone

Galerie Pince Vent, Ormesson, Paris

Galerie Alba, Ferrara, Italie

Galerie du Puits Châtel, Blois

2006 Galerie Les Métamorphozes, Blois

Galerie C.Siret, Palais Royal, Paris

Galerie Velvet Bar, Blois

Galerie Agora, New York

Hôtel Royal Mirabeau, Aix en Provence

Centre culturel d’Ormesson,

Galerie Gora, Montréal

2007 Galerie Armonti, Ile St Louis, Paris


Guest of HONNOR

2005  Château d’eau / château d’art, Bourges

2006  Association du Roy René, Aix en Provence, Année Cézanne


Prix "Golden Athena"  Academy of Contemporary art of Rome.

Trophée "Medusa Aurea"  prix International d'Art Contemporain 2004  

 par l'Académie d'Art Contemporain de Rome.

Prix de la ville de St. Laurent du Var 2004   "Aigle de Nice"

Prix du Conseil Général        (Chambord-France)  Octobre 2004

2005 Golden CANVAS

Par la Fédération Nationale de la Culture Française- European Art Group. 

Prix de "L'Univers des Arts" 

Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux Arts

au Carrousel du Louvre  décembre 2005

Cotation DROUOT - Cotation ARTPRICE

Société Nationale des Beaux Arts

Février 2006 Nommé  Membre associé sous l'égide du Président  François BELLEC  ((Paris)


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