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   Order with the reception of your parcel, we remain in contact.  -   - You will be warned immediately by email of the day when your chèque/virement will have been received.  - You will be always informed by email of the day of forwarding, just as from the precise or approximate day or you will receive your order.  You will find inside your parcel, with the mention "balanced", your invoice in due form for fine accountants.  This one can be useful to you if you wish to ensure your acquisition. 


 All works are ensured by the conveyor, with follow-up of the parcels, the departure of the workshop with on your premise.  In the event of problem of deterioration before the delivery, the purchaser will be refunded of all the versed sums.

Delighted or refunded

The appreciation of a work on Internet, is not always perceptible with all its force, its dimension.  I like to have time.  To test, measure, judge.  I like to be free... to turn over my purchase without (inevitably) giving the reason of it, asking for an exchange or to claim refunding.  Conditions:  7 days deadline after reception to carry out the return, the exchange or refunding.  The canvas must be in perfect state, in its packing of origin.  Us to have informed by letter or mail.  The expenses of reforwarding and insurance of work for the return are the responsibility of the purchaser.  Refunding will be done in the 7 days following the return of the parcel.

Delivery period

Delivery in Metropolitan France or in the European zone between 7 to 10 days according to the countries and of the distance, starting from the date of confirmation of the mall of sending of the parcels.  The maximum time of delivery is 3 months in the event of cause beyond control, of problem not depending on our will

  Case of absolute necessity

Unforeseeable Evénement and which is not ascribable to the salesman.  He releases this last of any responsibility, of any continuation or request for allowance.  Restrictive enumeration of the cases:  burden with conveyor, burdens with the stations, burdens with the banks, serious accident, serious illness or of long duration, damage of water, sets fire to, storms, unforeseen climatic accident, attack, terrorism In the event of loss,de flight, it will be impossible for the artist to reproduce exactly original table, each painting being a single work.

Clause of reserve of property

the salesman expressly reserves the property of the fabrics and delivered works of art indicated in the order, until the integral payment of their price in the main thing and interest.

Personal data

 We commit ourselves protecting the private life from the people using this Web site and the confidentiality of provided personal information.  Personal information that I transmit is used only with an aim of ensuring the good treatment of my order.

Data processing & Freedoms

Pursuant to Data-processing law the "and Freedoms", information which is required of me are essential to the treatment of my order.  I have a right of access and of correction on the data relating to me.  Via this site, I could thus be  receive offers of visit of exposure by email or the proposals for artistic discoveries. If  I prefer more not to receive this information I can inform some constantly by e-mail with the following address: Courriel

Attributive clause of competence and international C.G.V.

 In the event of litigation, only the Court of La Rochelle will be recognized qualified.  In the event of international sale, European, the transaction will depend, in the event of litigation, of the French Right.


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 All the graphic models, photographs, labels and texts of this site are reserved for the title of the royalty like to the title of the right of the intellectual property of Xavier Sterke both in France and in the world.  Any unauthorized use by Xavier Sterke constitutes a counterfeit.

Clauses of confirmation of reading for the purchaser.    The purchaser admit by the sending of its confirmation of order (form, courriel or letter) having taken knowledge of the general conditions of sale (pages 1-2-3 ) on the site of Mr. Sterke.

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